Strategy kick-off.

+2 months
Preparing for the session
10+ mln ₽

Development of a scoring model for business-model, products and industry.

What’s included
  • 1
    Target structure and processes design
  • 2
    Assistance with IT team and C-level onboarding

Work of a hybrid project team with weekly reports for feedback and improvement.

  • Development of a scoring model for business-model, products and industry
    Unit-economy is used for further transformation of the company’s economic model into the model of aggressive growth, inc identifying the growth points and "low-hanging fruit"
  • Target structure and processes design
    Incremental & iterative approaches for hybrid work group (Client and Adaptive) to create detailed implementation plan for the elaborated strategy
  • Assistance with onboarding
    [1] C-level management part-time or full-time outstaff via our partners

    [2] Outstaff of IT teams of any grade and complexity or standalone IT employees (inc managers) via our partners

Detailed strategy implementation plan

Time frames
Roadmap draft and risks list
Roadmap of strategy implementation for all departments and functions of the company and risks mitigation plan
Preparation — 2+ months (depends on task)

Estimated timeline


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