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A good business eye: 15+ years of С-level / consulting / private business
Experience — personal practical experience of each of our experts in businesses setting up and developing
Marina Lvova
Galina Anikina
Expert. HR
Expert. Marketing
More than 15 years of experience as top-manager in Headhunter, HELIOS IT-SOLUTIONS (system integrator, Armada), OOO "Sputnik", ООО "Aeroclub".

Launched 2 start-ups withing corporations: Orglot (organizer of the All-Russian State lottery, subsidiary of Gazprom Bank) & Stream-TV (AFK Sistema).

HR management processes, organizational structure creation, effective internal communications and talent management.

Developing and implementing HR strategy. Expertise in company’s strategy execution at each employee level.
Has been included for 8 times in Annual rating "Top 1000 Russian managers" by Kommesant.

A member of International community "Strategy Implementation Professionals".
Anatoliy Korotkov
Sergey Zemelkin
Co founder
Expert. Strategy
Andrey Abramov
More than 15 years in strategic consulting (strategy, operational efficiency, digitalization) and marketing research. IT and analytical products developments. Start-ups creation and growth.

Has founded company Frank RG, the industry leader in bank analytics.
Has developed BigData based analytics products: tourism monitoring, statistics for retail, statistics for Moscow population analysis.

Worked in Sberbank ecosystem, Home Credit, RBC, Princeton Partners Group,
Expert. Fintech
Мария Рвачева
Broad experience in founding and scaling the start-ups for European and Asian markets. On C-level positions participated in the companies’ growth from 10 to 100+ in staff.

Has experience in private business.
Main spheres: business strategy, product development, analytics, crypto, fintech, game development.

Master’s degree in St. Petersburg Polytechnic Uinversity. Has written a PhD thesis on cryptography.
Эксперт. Продажи
Топ-менеджер с 2014 года.
Отвечает за стратегию, инновации и операционное управление бизнесом в Яндекс360.

Управляла более 10 стратегическими проектами с общим бюджетом более 100 млн руб. Командой из 14 человек обеспечивала выручку более 14 млрд руб в год в страховой компании КАРДИФ (BNP Paribas).
Занималась запуском совместного цифрового продукта ГК «Открытие» и red_mad_robot (стратегия продаж и формирование вау клиентского опыта).
Развивала международный бизнес в ИТ компании Red Mad Robot (открытие офиса в Турции).
Со-основатель импакт бизнес-клуба «Хэдлайнеры.Топ-менеджеры», амбассадор НКО Selfmama. 14
16 years in strategic marketing as CMO of largest technological companies, inc ZTE, and as strategic director and Executive partner / strategy in marketing and communication agencies.

Developments of marketing strategies, i.e GTM for new brands and strategies updates for existing brands, as example, ExxonMobil, MasterCard, Х5 Retail Group, М. Video -Eldorado, Microsoft and others.

PhD economy. Visiting professor for MGIMO. Marketing communications.
Konstantin Khokhrin
Co founder
8 years of executive consulting inc 6 years of strategic consulting at ScrumTrek company: creation and implementation of strategies, inc marketing strategies and marketing analysis for 10+ Russian companies.

4 years as CEO of ScrumTrek.

3 years as Strategic Counselor at Agroros Bank: development and execution of the bank strategy, marketing strategy, HR strategy & Digital strategy
11 years experience of Agile&OKR implementation in IT, banks, tekecom, retail, fintech & production companies.

19 years in digital products development
Co-fouder of OKR Russia and Adaptive.

Professor of MSM Skolkovo.

  • Executive partner ScrumTrek
  • Head of project office, CTO
  • Worked with VK, Yandex, HeadHunter, Rostelecom, Gazprom oil, JTI, Yota, OKKO, Monopoly, Sberzvuk, SberEapteka, Semrush, IQ Option, OlympTrade.
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